Train with Us


Team Hendryx will take you to peak performance. The trainers will adjust your schedule and workouts according to your current condition and to your potential

Join Team Hendryx and you will get a personalized training service that is unparrelleled:

•Personlized weekly training plans
•Initial Health Fit evaluation
•Individual progression tracking
•Multi-sport and run training
•Group support
•Individualized attention
•Coach lead trainings
•Small coach to client ratios


Endurance Level 1: $125 per month / $100 start-up fee (non refundable). This package targets the athlete who needs the guidance of a detailed training plan to bring them from initial prep/base training to peak performance/race day; from a 5k to an olympic distance triathlon. (A minimum 4 months is required to prepare the athlete).

•Weekly workouts with specific daily workouts sent via e-mail every Sunday.
•Unlimited e-mail communications.
•Weekly/monthly phone communication or as needed.
•Pre workout meeting to discuss goals, time constraints, training plans.

Endurance Level 2: $175 per month / $200 start up fee. This program targets the athlete who needs a workout designed to help them complete 1/2 marathon, 1/2 ironman, marathon, ultra marathon or Ironman distance triathlon. (A minimum of 6 months is required to prepare the athlete) Contains the Endurance Level Package, plus the following:

•Train with a coach mutiple times a month if schedules permit.
•Free invitations to our clinics that we put on during the year (running, cycling, swimming, transition, along with entry and exiting of water).

Endurance Level 3: Price TBD. This program offers group package training for your team, club, or group – prepare your group for an event of your choice. (minimum of 4-6 months needed depending on event). Call or e-mail Bill for details and pricing.


•Clinics: Clinics are available at $30 a person (included in Level 2 and 3 plan) – group discounts available for clinics. Clinic include: Running efficiency and form, Transitions, Open water swimming, Track workouts.
•Individual instruction: Hourly instruction is available at $75 a hour – all aspects of the sport of triathlon which includes, swimming, biking, running, and transitions.
•Video instruction: video taping and review of your swim, bike or run


All Endurance Package monthly fees are required at the 1st of the month. All fees are non-refundable unless due to medical conditions (Note from Physician is required).